Privacy Policy

privacy policy

Privacy Policy

Sky Origin,Inc. (Hereinafter, referred to as “us”, “we”, or “our”) shall provide our privacy policy as described below. This privacy policy sets out how we will use and manage personal information while we manage our website and run our operations. We believe that it is the most important to comply with the laws and regulations on the protection of personal information, and appropriately collect, use, and manage it so that our customers could feel safe to use our services.

Handling of personal information

(Definition of personal information)
The “personal information” mentioned in this privacy policy means the information about an existing individual which can identify the specific individual by name, date of birth or other description contained in such information, individual identification codes, or the information that can identify the specific individual by one or a combination of more pieces of information we possesses such as member ID, name, sex, email address, telephone number, address, nickname, pen name, date of birth, occupation, job title, credit card information, purchase history, etc.

(Handling of anonymous processed information)
Presently, we do not create anonymous personal information. When we create anonymous processed information, and provide the third party with it, we shall comply with the “rule on handling anonymous processed information” separately provided, and take measures for safe management.

(Purpose of use and legal basis)
We use personal information for the purposes described below.

Investigation and analysis of marketing data and development of new services
Selling products, rights, digital contents, and services (Hereinafter, referred to as “Products, etc.” including financial products, etc.) of our company and the third-party companies (including the signing of the contracts for providing services. The same shall apply hereinafter.)
Sending e-newsletters
Consideration of alliance
Advertising the products, etc. of our company and the third-party companies and soliciting sales (including what is done by email)
Managing members and users
Responding to various types of inquiries and after-the-sale services
Enforcement of rights and fulfillment of obligation based on contracts and laws, etc.
Creating the statistical materials to be provided to affiliated companies and those in business alliance
Calculating billing amounts and billing
Conducting campaigns, planning prize promotion, and conducting surveys
Implementing commissioned operations in case that we have an operation to handle personal information commissioned by other companies
Notifying necessary matters in managing this website (including those by email)
Packing and shipping the products
Providing the service of points, coupons, and mileage, etc. (Hereinafter, it is referred to as “Points, etc.”)
Simplifying the process of member registration required by us and our affiliated companies before they use the services
Posting information sent by members and users

We process personal data when we execute the contracts for the individuals concerned. It is a necessary condition for them to provide us with personal data when they enter into contracts for our services with us. When an individual chooses not to provide personal data required by us, this individual concerned cannot use our services. When we process personal data based on the agreement, an individual has the right to revoke the agreement at any time.

(Data administrator and managing personal information)
The data administrator is Sky Origin, Inc. We represent the data administrator, and appoint the executive officer responsible for managing personal information. This division promotes and supervises our efforts for the purpose of protecting personal information by managing personal information properly.

Sky Origin,Inc.
Customer Support Center

We possess personal data as long as they are required for the purposes provided in the section of “Purpose of use and legal basis” described above.

(Providing personal information)
We take proper measures to protect personal information. Except in the cases permitted pursuant to the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and other applicable laws and regulations, we shall not disclose or provide personal information to the third party in a format that the identity of the individual can be determined without consent of the person concerned.

We may transfer personal data we possess to the third-party account settlement agent.

(Transfer to the third country)
In the cases that we transfer personal data to a country outside the EU area, which is not certified by the European Commission to provide personal data protection at a sufficient level, such transfer shall be implemented based on the contract that meets the conditions of EU concerning data transfer to the areas outside the EU area.

When personal information is submitted on this website, we use the industry standard encryption method of SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) in order to protect personal information against unauthorized access by the third party.

When we think it necessary, we shall protect personal information by using the SSL encrypted communication and try to ensure security. In addition, we mange personal information strictly based on our prescribed management standard while we take prevention measures against unauthorized access to personal information, its loss, destruction, falsification, leak, and virus infection such as by setting up firewalls and having anti-virus measures.

(1) We use a technology called, “Cookies” on this website. Cookies mean the mechanism to store specific information temporarily as data in a computer a certain customer use to identify this customer based on the stored data every time when he or she has access to the website.

Domain Name Role Valid
first-partyEU_COOKIE_LAW_CONSENTIt shows if you accept a cookie or not.1 Month
first-partyBROWSERIt shows a type of the device you are viewing.Session
first-partyDISPLAY_FORMATIt keeps the data indication method.30 Days
first-partylangIt keeps the display language.1 Week
first-partyUAUSESSIONIt is the cookie for the session management.Session
first-partyTOKENIt keeps the data for preventing redundant processing.Session
first-partycurrencyIt keeps the currency to be used for displaying the price.1 Month
first-partyCOUNT_OF_VIEW_PARAMIt keeps the number of products to be displayed in one page.30 Days
first-partyXXXXXXCATEGORY_PARAMIt keeps the category of products to be displayed. Six digit half-size numbers are entered in the “XXXXXX” part.1 Month
first-partyget_refererIt keeps where you moved to after your login.Session
first-partyGET_PARAMIt keeps the transmitted parameters temporarily. It is used in the login processing of PayPal.The process will be deleted upon termination.
first-partyloginIt shows that you will move on to another page via login operation.Session
first-partywindow-position.....It holds the display position of the previous page.Session
first-party__atuvc, __atuvs etc.It will be added by AddThis. Please check the privacy policy of AddThis using the following link. check the site(s) powered by AddThis.
first-party_gat_shop, _gat etc.It will be added by Google Analytics. Please check the privacy policy of Google using the following link. check the site(s) powered by Google Analytics.
third-partyloc, mus, na_id, na_tc, ouid, uid, uvc etc.It will be added by AddThis. Please check the privacy policy of AddThis using the following link. check the site(s) powered by AddThis.
third-party_ga, cookie_check, LANG, sc_f etc.It will be added by PayPal when you sign in with your PayPal ID. Please check the privacy policy of PayPal using the following link. check the site(s) powered by PayPal.

We provide services on the premise of using cookies. Thus, when the users do not allow us to use cookies, they may not be able to use parts or all of our services. The customers can set their browsers to decide if they allow the use of cookies. Please confirm the settings as may be necessary.

(2) Our advertisement is posted on various websites on the Internet by the third-party advertisement providers including Google.

Our customers may have access to the opt-out page of the Google advertisement and disable the use of cookies by Google. (Or they may have access to the opt-out page of Network Advertising Initiative, and disable the use of cookies by the third-party advertisement agents.)

(3) We and companies that sell products directly via our services (Hereinafter referred to as “Dealers”) use Google Analytics to improve the performance and services of our website for our customers. We and Dealers obtain the following information via Google Analytics. Whether either one of the pages of our website is visited, the length of time a certain page was viewed, browser type / version, linked source, accessed source, etc. We and Dealers, however, never obtain personal information that identifies a certain individual.

Google Privacy Policy

Use of user’s data by Google to a Google partner website or app

If a customer does not wish to provide information to Google, please opt-out on the website by using the following link. Please note that there is a possibility that you cannot use parts or all of our services on our website.

(4) Others: we use the third-party service cookie, AddThis, in our services.

AddThis Privacy Policy

If a customer does not wish to provide information to Addthis, please opt-out on the website by using the following link. Please note that there is a possibility that you cannot use parts or all of our services on our website.

(Providing information to partner companies or linked companies)
We are not liable for any third-party websites and services to be accessed through this website and any use of personal information collected independently on the linked websites. Thus, we have no obligation or liability for independent provisions and activities by these companies or on their websites. Please check the privacy policies of respective websites.

(Disclosure, correction, and deletion of personal information)
We shall respond to a request for disclosure, correction, addition, deletion, suspension of use, erasure of personal information, suspension of provision of it to third parties, notification of the purpose of using it, and withdrawal of consent (if applicable) according to the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and other applicable laws and regulations. If the request does not meet the requirements stipulated in the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and JISQ15001, we may not be able to respond to it.

(How we accept requests to disclose personal information)
If you make a request for disclosure, correction, addition, suspension of use, erasure, and suspension of provision of personal information to the third party, please fill in the necessary information on the prescribed request form, and mail it along with identification documents to us. If you make a request for disclosure, please enclose the prescribed fee and mailing cost.

1-1-1 Meieki, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya-shi Aichi JAPAN
Sky Origin, Inc.

(How we accept requests for notifying the purpose of using personal information)
If you wish to be notified of our purpose of use of personal information, please contact

(Compliance with laws and regulations concerning the handling of personal information)
We may revise this privacy policy to protect personal information according to any revision of laws and regulations or as necessary. Then, the latest privacy policy will be posted on our website.

(Feedback, complaint, and objection concerning the handling of personal information)
For inquiries regarding our handling of personal information, please contact

Site Policy

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8. May. 2008 established
25. May. 2018 updated