Treasure Spot on J-goods | デイトジャスト 16014 【3693】 SOLD OUT/Datejust 16014 【3693】 SOLD OUT

デイトジャスト 16014 【3693】 SOLD OUT
デイトジャスト 16014 【3693】 SOLD OUT
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/ Datejust 16014 【3693】 SOLD OUT

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Model number: 16014 commodity rank: used A rank somewhat use impression. Is., Beautiful. Japan Rolex with OH Rolex (April 2018) Material: Stainless steel × White gold Year: 1985 Size: Approximately 18 cm Movement: Automatic Roll Accessory: Private Box Japan ROLEX OH Certificate With our 5 year warranty ☆ Normal use We will repair defects and natural breakdowns caused by the product at no charge. However, in case of malfunction due to inadvertent handling, consumption due to belt, etc. · trouble due to trauma or impact, it will be repaid for cost. If you let us know the size of the belt, we will send you the size adjustment of the belt for free. Depending on the environment of the PC, it may differ slightly from the actual color. Since the shop front staff will carefully answer such as the condition of the item, please do not hesitate to contact us. 06-4303-2000 Delivery is normally shipped by Yu-Pack. Customers wanting other companies please fill in the remarks column.