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/ Enteric habit Daigo + (overseas shipping available)

Weight 150g (Approx.)
Shipping Schedule Within 7 day(s)
Bundle Yes
Condition Brand New

【Daigo + (Daigo Plus) Details】
<Manufacture> Japan
<Contents amount> 3 g × 30 capsules
<Raw materials * All domestic products> Mixed powder of lactic acid bacteria product, rice milk (brown rice extract), koji mold culture end, brown rice, alpha unpolished rice, wheat, palatinose, oligosaccharide, germinated cereal mixed powder (brown rice, wheat, rice, black rice brown rice, wheat, Soybean, pumpkin, carrots, sun-dried salt, gravel, spirulina, burdock, perilla, perilla leaves, radish leaves, rice bran oil, Herbal extract, cabbage, broccoli, black bean, apple, pear, edible seaweed powder, prune, mugwort, yuzu, glue, wakame, kelp, lactobacillus powder, lactic acid bacteria extract powder, magnesium oxide, vitamin C, vitamin E, niacin, vitamin D , Vitamin B 12, vitamin B 1, vitamin B 6, vitamin B 2, folic acid (milk, wheat, soybean, apple as part of the raw material
<Nutritional components * 1 per package (3 g)> Energy: 11.67 kcal, Protein: 0.26 g, Lipid: 0.08 g, Carbohydrate: 2.4 g, Sodium: 3.9 mg, Water: 0.078 g, Ash: 0.045 g, Dietary fiber: 0.13 g
<How to Save> Please store at room temperature avoiding direct sunlight, heat and humidity.
If you are taking ※, those who are in the hospital, those who are pregnant or nursing should consult with your doctor before you ingest.

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/// We can lose weight! The bad condition of the body is realized with Daigo Plus // / Daigo Plus is a supplement specialized in "intestinal activity" completed for those who seriously consider the body. To the extract growing elite lactic acid bacteria, plenty blending with a set of raw nutrient natural enzymes of high nutrients. Easy to use. Just drink one daigo plus before meals. Example) The amount of rebound after dieting, hard constipation, allergy such as rough skin and atopy, hay fever, unstoppable fart, hangover, increasing number of supplements. <Characteristics of Daijoplus> 1. Evolution greatly to make the intestine easy to absorb. Further addition of active ingredient which lactic acid bacteria metabolized to elite lactic acid bacteria. Your bowel firmly absorbs more than ever, Lactobacillus power powers up. 2. Select carefully selected high-nutritious natural ingredients from Japan. A special recipe that nutrients and food enzymes remain 100%. It is made from 100% natural ingredients such as grains such as brown rice produced in Japan, green-yellow vegetables, beans and seaweed. Because it processes with freeze-drying, we deliver it to you without losing nutrients and flavor. 3. I do not use a lot of people who love health that has a possibility of harming the consideration body. Even a baby is safe. · Sugar not used · Chemical ingredient non-use (not added) Made in JAPAN is also a safe product quality. / / / Completely blended with the active ingredient of elite lactic acid bacteria firmly absorbed in the intestine // / It digests food, absorbs nutrients, excretes of eating soup, and raises it in a firmly done intestine. /// About the enzyme /// Manufactured at a Japanese domestic factory using well-controlled Japanese foodstuffs (cereals such as unpolished rice, green yellow vegetables, fruits, beans, seaweed, etc). With freeze-dried recipe, we deliver it to you without losing nutrients and flavor. /// Disease caused by tired intestine /// The intestine plays an important role even in the body. It absorbs nutrition while digesting softened food in the stomach gradually in the intestine, and it is responsible for the excretion of the eating debris. If this intestinal function is declining, you can not digest properly what you ate, so you can not correctly absorb nutrients. And eating residue that stays in the intestine for a long time rots and discharges harmful gas, if it is a weak intestine it can not push the food, causing hard constipation. Because rotten toxin of the eating burden places a burden on the internal organs, even if the stomach goes out and the diet is restricted by force restriction, it becomes fat over rebound more than before. /// The intestine starts to move cheaply // / When the intestine gets healthy, indigestion disappears and your internal organs, which were weak, start to move actively. · Improved painful constipation in a short period · Improved skin metabolism, improved skin trouble · Successfully diet successfully without rebound · Hangover countermeasure