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クリスメスタ imabari ランウェイ ハンドタオル
クリスメスタ imabari ランウェイ ハンドタオル
クリスメスタ imabari ランウェイ ハンドタオル
クリスメスタ imabari ランウェイ ハンドタオル
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/ Chrismesta imabari runway hand towel

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Designer Chris Mesta and Maruiaka Towel who are active in the world based in New York from a number of award-winning Belgian meet in Imabari, and the two talents merged, creating a new beauty. Chris · Mesta brief history Chris · Mesta. Born in Belgium in 1959. After graduating from the Royal Academy of Antwerp, he is involved in apparel design. Later in 1988, he launched his own brand "Chris Mestdagh" and proposes a total lifestyle not only for apparel, but also broadens its range of activities. Currently he is a freelance designer and active in many directions. Besides the uniform design of the Belgian Olympic team, he is involved in consulting and design development of Belgian lifestyle brands, while also working in collaboration products with Converse and Japan limited model in Japan and apparel brands.
2018 Chris Mesta imabari collection. In this time, the world view reconstructed by the sensitivity of Chris widens the geometric pattern used in traditional architecture. [Runway] A design that respects the classic stripe pattern inherited all over the world from all over the world. Weave the stylish big border design with gauze, the back is a soft towel with a long pile firmly. You can enjoy 2 types of skin texture on the front and back. Because it is Western size, it is a face towel making it larger. It can also be used as a compact bath towel. So soft and light, it is easy to wash and dry quickly is a nice point as a daily product. Color Red · Yellow · Blue Size Approximately 44 × 90 cm Material 100% Cotton Made in Japan (Imabari)