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MTコレクション 部屋干しバスマット
MTコレクション 部屋干しバスマット
MTコレクション 部屋干しバスマット
MTコレクション 部屋干しバスマット
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/ MT Collection Room Dried Bath Mat

Model No. MT0620
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I always want to keep clean the bath mat. Sararito and skin texture, compact sense of size. It is easy to wash, dry, easy to dry room antimicrobial bath mat. There are two patterns of geometric square and honeycomb with jacquard weave. 5 colorful colorful rooms are bright and refreshing feeling refreshing! This bath mat uses non-designated fibers mixed with silver ion in recycled fiber lyocell. Silver ion sterilizes various bacteria, coating with a barrier function, suppresses the growth of new bacteria, so you can soften the bad odor of room drying. >> If you would like gift wrapping please select a box from here. Pattern: square · honeycomb color silky rose · silky yellow · silky green · silky blue · silky gray size about 35 × 52 cm material pile part: cotton 50% rayon 45% non-designated fiber (lyocell) 5% ground part: cotton 100% Japan Made by Imabari