imabariyokkin online shop on J-goods | トリプルボーダー ギフトセット1 (ハンドタオル2枚セット木箱入れ)/Triple border gift set 1 (hand towel 2 pieces set wooden box)

トリプルボーダー ギフトセット1 (ハンドタオル2枚セット木箱入れ)
トリプルボーダー ギフトセット1 (ハンドタオル2枚セット木箱入れ)
トリプルボーダー ギフトセット1 (ハンドタオル2枚セット木箱入れ)
トリプルボーダー ギフトセット1 (ハンドタオル2枚セット木箱入れ)
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/ Triple border gift set 1 (hand towel 2 pieces set wooden box)

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It is a wooden box gift set of 3 items of soft skin texture using Super Sumitomo Cotton (super long cotton) which boasts the highest quality in the United States and rare value high. It is an adult cute towel which three cute lines of hem casually shines and accentuates with a bright, colorful 5 color color. Imabari Towel brand certified product. We have cleared our own standards such as water absorption, fastness and safety. «Set contents» Hand towel · · · 2 pieces size 45 X 90 cm You can use it as a slightly larger and more compact bath towel than the face towel. Wooden Box Size 27.5 X 22.5 X 10.5 cm Color Silky Rose Silky Yellow Silky Blue Silky Green Silky Gray Material 100% Cotton Made in Japan Imabari Towel Brand Product Certification No. 2017-1676 Imabari Print the letters of the width of Imabari It is a beautiful wooden wooden box. It adds a more elegant and stately impression to the gift. Also, we prepare Imabari bathing original water draw for packing option. It is recommended for celebrations.