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イデゾラプレミアム プラチナコットン シャワータオル 木箱入れ
イデゾラプレミアム プラチナコットン シャワータオル 木箱入れ
イデゾラプレミアム プラチナコットン シャワータオル 木箱入れ
イデゾラプレミアム プラチナコットン シャワータオル 木箱入れ
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/ Idezora Premium Platinum Cotton Shower Towel wooden box enclosure

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As a high-spec product of traditional Idezola birth originally stuck from the original thread One of the world's three largest luxury cotton, Egyptian cotton Giza (Giza) used [Idezora Premium Series] In pursuit of the highest grade material among them, Has been realized. What is GIZA (Kiza) ... The name of the seed of Egyptian cotton, one fiber called extremely long cotton is an extremely long rare species. Long fiber makes it possible to make thin and sturdy thread, so it will be light and supple fabric. It is homogeneous because of its long fiber length, strong strength, and produces a beautiful gloss like silk. We twisted ultra-long cotton in fine counts, woven into long pile at high density, sticking to the balance of supple softness and firm strength. We finished in a more attractive towel with hem's waffle weave, silver yarn use and delicate techniques. I named "platinum cotton" on the appearance which feels elegance, shining white. It is a towel that will invite the bus time to heal the tiredness of the day at the time of bliss. Because it is made a little bigger in Europe size, firmly enveloping the body, supple, soft, fluffy feel can be tasted whole body. How about such a top-class towel as a gift? A pure white towel is pleasing to everyone, I think whether you can feel the goodness of a certain thing with your skin. Imabari towel brand certified products, we have cleared our own standards such as water absorption, fastness and safety. The wooden box is a beautiful grain of characters printed Imabari bathing width, plus a magnificent impression on the gift. Also, we prepare Imabari bathing original water draw for packing option. It is recommended for celebrations. ★ February 2017 wooden boxed gifts received the National Tourism Souvenir Federation President Award. Color White size About 73 × 140 cm Material 100% Cotton Made in Japan Imabari Towel brand product certification number No. 2014 - 965 wooden box size M: 27.5 x 22.5 x 10.5 cm