Gallery Bien on J-goods | 備前焼酒呑(ぐい呑) 山下 有仁 作/Bizen Yakishu (Gui-don) by Yamashita Arihito

備前焼酒呑(ぐい呑) 山下 有仁 作
備前焼酒呑(ぐい呑) 山下 有仁 作
備前焼酒呑(ぐい呑) 山下 有仁 作
備前焼酒呑(ぐい呑) 山下 有仁 作
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/ Bizen Yakishu (Gui-don) by Yamashita Arihito

Model No. ア0608
Weight 450g (Approx.)
Shipping Schedule Within 7 day(s)
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It is delicious to drink in Bizen ware. It is a story that is often said. This is a cylinder-shaped gyoza, often with sesame seeds, and a work with good prospects and good hand-taking. Size W6.3 * L 6.5 * H 5.7 cm Box Agate Box (Cumber burning)