Gallery Bien on J-goods | 備前焼焼酎瓶(ワイン・酒ボトル) 山下 有仁 作/Bizen shochu bottle (wine and liquor bottle) by Yuji Yamashita

備前焼焼酎瓶(ワイン・酒ボトル) 山下 有仁 作
備前焼焼酎瓶(ワイン・酒ボトル) 山下 有仁 作
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/ Bizen shochu bottle (wine and liquor bottle) by Yuji Yamashita

Model No. ア0670
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Bizen ware's sake bottle is famous for its delicious sake. If it's hot, this is the limit. This is a bottle (sake bottle) that is said to be delicious just by adding sake, and it can be used for whiskey and wine as well as sake. Sesame and Shiso colors shine, and the baking is quite good. Body size W9.2 * L9.2 * H123.5cm, paper box, climbing kiln firing.