Gallery Bien on J-goods | 備前焼窯変耳付花入 山下 譲治 作/Bizen ware kiln with ears

備前焼窯変耳付花入 山下 譲治 作
備前焼窯変耳付花入 山下 譲治 作
備前焼窯変耳付花入 山下 譲治 作
備前焼窯変耳付花入 山下 譲治 作
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/ Bizen ware kiln with ears

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It is said that Bizen Yaki's flower case is easy to grow and has a long flower life, and water is less likely to rot. This is a kimono modification with flowers with ears representing Bizen ware, and this type is a value-priced work. Size W15.3 * L12.3 * H23.2cm box paulownia box (climbing kiln firing)