How to Order

Please note that any transaction that is processed through J-goods is subject to the sales policy on J-goods, which takes precedence over the domestic sales policy of nishijin no itoya.


Step 1

Please add the product(s) that you would like to purchase to the cart and complete the ordering process. Your order will then be notified from J-goods to nishijin no itoya.


Step 2

Once the amount to be billed is determined by nishijin no itoya, J-goods will email the information to the customer.

* If the payment is not made within seven (7) days of the billing date, the order will be cancelled. Also, The product is not secured until your payment is completed.


Step 3

After the payment by the customer has been completed, nishijin no itoya will start the product shipment process.

* Please note that no request to change the recipient or shipping address can be accommodated after the payment for the product(s) has already been made.


Step 4

When nishijin no itoya has shipped the product(s), J-goods will email the information to the customer.

* If any trouble arises after the product shipment, please let nishijin no itoya know by using the inquiry form of J-goods.


Payment Method

Available payment options that J-goods can offer are different for each original seller. At the moment, the following is the only payment option available for nishijin no itoya.

delivery fee

Shipping Cost

Range China
Middle East
USALatin America
1 g 500 g
1,450 JPY 1,900 JPY 3,150 JPY 3,900 JPY 3,600 JPY
501 g 600 g
1,600 JPY 2,150 JPY 3,400 JPY 4,180 JPY 3,900 JPY
601 g 700 g
1,750 JPY 2,400 JPY 3,650 JPY 4,460 JPY 4,200 JPY
701 g 800 g
1,900 JPY 2,650 JPY 3,900 JPY 4,740 JPY 4,500 JPY
801 g 900 g
2,050 JPY 2,900 JPY 4,150 JPY 5,020 JPY 4,800 JPY
901 g 1,000 g
2,200 JPY 3,150 JPY 4,400 JPY 5,300 JPY 5,100 JPY
1,001 g 1,250 g
2,500 JPY 3,500 JPY 5,000 JPY 5,990 JPY 5,850 JPY
1,251 g 1,500 g
2,800 JPY 3,850 JPY 5,550 JPY 6,600 JPY 6,600 JPY
1,501 g 1,750 g
3,100 JPY 4,200 JPY 6,150 JPY 7,290 JPY 7,350 JPY
1,751 g 2,000 g
3,400 JPY 4,550 JPY 6,700 JPY 7,900 JPY 8,100 JPY
2,001 g 2,500 g
3,900 JPY 5,150 JPY 7,750 JPY 9,100 JPY 9,600 JPY
2,501 g 3,000 g
4,400 JPY 5,750 JPY 8,800 JPY 10,300 JPY 11,100 JPY
3,001 g 3,500 g
4,900 JPY 6,350 JPY 9,850 JPY 11,500 JPY 12,600 JPY
3,501 g 4,000 g
5,400 JPY 6,950 JPY 10,900 JPY 12,700 JPY 14,100 JPY
4,001 g 4,500 g
5,900 JPY 7,550 JPY 11,950 JPY 13,900 JPY 15,600 JPY
4,501 g 5,000 g
6,400 JPY 8,150 JPY 13,000 JPY 15,100 JPY 17,100 JPY
5,001 g 5,500 g
6,900 JPY 8,750 JPY 14,050 JPY 16,300 JPY 18,600 JPY
5,501 g 6,000 g
7,400 JPY 9,350 JPY 15,100 JPY 17,500 JPY 20,100 JPY
6,001 g 7,000 g
8,200 JPY 10,350 JPY 17,200 JPY 19,900 JPY 22,500 JPY
7,001 g 8,000 g
9,000 JPY 11,350 JPY 19,300 JPY 22,300 JPY 24,900 JPY
8,001 g 9,000 g
9,800 JPY 12,350 JPY 21,400 JPY 24,700 JPY 27,300 JPY
9,001 g 10,000 g
10,600 JPY 13,350 JPY 23,500 JPY 27,100 JPY 29,700 JPY
10,001 g 11,000 g
11,400 JPY 14,350 JPY 25,600 JPY 29,500 JPY 32,100 JPY
11,001 g 12,000 g
12,200 JPY 15,350 JPY 27,700 JPY 31,900 JPY 34,500 JPY
12,001 g 13,000 g
13,000 JPY 16,350 JPY 29,800 JPY 34,300 JPY 36,900 JPY
13,001 g 14,000 g
13,800 JPY 17,350 JPY 31,900 JPY 36,700 JPY 39,300 JPY
14,001 g 15,000 g
14,600 JPY 18,350 JPY 34,000 JPY 39,100 JPY 41,700 JPY
15,001 g 16,000 g
15,400 JPY 19,350 JPY 36,100 JPY 41,500 JPY 44,100 JPY
16,001 g 17,000 g
16,200 JPY 20,350 JPY 38,200 JPY 43,900 JPY 46,500 JPY
17,001 g 18,000 g
17,000 JPY 21,350 JPY 40,300 JPY 46,300 JPY 48,900 JPY
18,001 g 19,000 g
17,800 JPY 22,350 JPY 42,400 JPY 48,700 JPY 51,300 JPY
19,001 g 20,000 g
18,600 JPY 23,350 JPY 44,500 JPY 51,100 JPY 53,700 JPY
20,001 g 21,000 g
19,400 JPY 24,350 JPY 46,600 JPY 53,500 JPY 56,100 JPY
21,001 g 22,000 g
20,200 JPY 25,350 JPY 48,700 JPY 55,900 JPY 58,500 JPY
22,001 g 23,000 g
21,000 JPY 26,350 JPY 50,800 JPY 58,300 JPY 60,900 JPY
23,001 g 24,000 g
21,800 JPY 27,350 JPY 52,900 JPY 60,700 JPY 63,300 JPY
24,001 g 25,000 g
22,600 JPY 28,350 JPY 55,000 JPY 63,100 JPY 65,700 JPY
25,001 g 26,000 g
23,400 JPY 29,350 JPY 57,100 JPY 65,500 JPY 68,100 JPY
26,001 g 27,000 g
24,200 JPY 30,350 JPY 59,200 JPY 67,900 JPY 70,500 JPY
27,001 g 28,000 g
25,000 JPY 31,350 JPY 61,300 JPY 70,300 JPY 72,900 JPY
28,001 g 29,000 g
25,800 JPY 32,350 JPY 63,400 JPY 72,700 JPY 75,300 JPY
29,001 g 30,000 g
26,600 JPY 33,350 JPY 65,500 JPY 75,100 JPY 77,700 JPY
service fee

Handling Charge

Fee : 1,000 JPY
delivery countries fee

Shipping Country


Sales Policy



Regarding inquiry about transactions, please contact nishijin no itoya directly using a message feature on the page of order details. On the other hand, please ask J-goods about inquiry after shipment using a contact form on the website.


Order Cancellation and Product Return

Once the payment has been made, we cannot accommodate any customer request to cancel the order or accept the return of the product(s) under any circumstances.
If any customer wishes to cancel its order, there is no particular order cancellation procedure that needs to be followed. The order will be automatically deleted from the order list after seven (7) days of the billing date.


Product Damage Caused in Transit

In the event of the ordered product(s) getting damaged while in transit, please submit the damage report to the transporter and then notify J-goods immediately.
As soon as the transporter certifies that the damage to the product(s) was indeed caused in transit, we will initiate the refund process. In this case, the maximum amount of refund that can be made will be the sum of the price of the product(s) as indicated on the shipping tag and the shipping cost that has been paid by the customer.
The refund process may take up to around one (1) month. Also, there are rare cases where the refund cannot be made in cash due to certain payment methods used, refund deadline, etc. In such cases, the refund will be made in J-goods points.

wrong item

Receipt of Defective or Wrong Product(s)

In the event the customer receives any defective product(s) or product(s) that are different from those that it had ordered, it should notify the case to J-goods within three (3) days of the receipt of the product(s) and send back the product(s) to nishijin no itoya at the address shown on the shipping tag.
As soon as the customer’s claim is verified by nishijin no itoya, we will initiate the refund process. In this case, the maximum amount of refund that can be made will be the sum of the price of the product(s) and the shipping cost that has been paid by the customer.
There are rare cases where the refund cannot be made in cash due to certain payment methods used, refund deadline, etc. In such cases, the refund will be made in J-goods points.
We also sincerely ask for the customers’ understanding that the shipping cost needs to be covered by them when returning the product(s) in such cases as described above, due to the nature of the service that we provide.


Product Inventory

Because nishijin no itoya‘s products in inventory that are offered for sale at J-goods are also simultaneously offered at several other EC sites, they may not be secured in some cases even after the ordering has been completed. J-goods will notify the customers in such event.


Shipping Method

We cannot accept any customer request as to the shipping method. In addition, we are unable to accept any request on the number of packages the products should be shipped in or how they should be packed. Please note that even after your payment is completed, the shipping method can be changed depending on the type of ordered products and the area to deliver.
*Any products that have been ordered will be directly shipped from the seller nishijin no itoya to the customers overseas.

shipping date

Date and Time of Shipment

We are unable to accept any customer request as to the date and time of the shipment or delivery of the product(s).
In addition, if the order being placed includes any pre-ordered product prior to its commercial release or out-of-stock product that will be procured from elsewhere based on the order, the order will not be shipped until all products are procured.
Please also note that such order may be shipped in multiple installments at the discretion of nishijin no itoya in rare cases.

settlement date

Timing of Payment Settlement

nishijin no itoya will determine the billing amount after reviewing each order, checking on the availability of the ordered product(s) in inventory, and the international shipping cost.
When the finalized amount is billed by J-goods through email, please go to the order detail page on My Page and complete the payment process.



When any international shipping cost, transportation insurance premium, or other fees need to be charged, the information will be made available at the billing information screen for the customers to review before completing the payment process.


Coupons and Points

No coupons or points that are offered at nishijin no itoya‘s other websites will be offered in nishijin no itoya‘s overseas sales transaction being processed through J-goods.



No discount that is offered at nishijin no itoya‘s other websites will be offered in nishijin no itoya‘s overseas sales transaction being processed through J-goods.



No warranty that is offered by nishijin no itoya for its domestically sold products will be offered for nishijin no itoya‘s products that are sold overseas through J-goods.

shipping fee

Shipping Cost

Please note that the amount of the international shipping cost that is indicated by nishijin no itoya during the payment process may change after the payment has been completed.


Customs Duties

Tax and other fees may be charged on imported products depending on the destination country.
In such case, the recipients of the products are financially responsible and therefore need to pay them in accordance with the instructions of the transporter.
As the rules that determine the amount of such tax and other fees differ from country to country, neither nishijin no itoya nor J-goods is in a position to answer any customer inquiry on this topic.
We ask the customers to make a direct inquiry to their nearest customs office.

customs office

Customs Office

The items that are prohibited from exportation or importation are different for each destination country. Therefore, we ask the customers to check international trade-related websites or contact the nearest customs office on their own.
If any product that has been shipped by nishijin no itoya turns out to be an item that is prohibited from exportation or importation in the destination country and is confiscated or disposed of by the customs office or is returned to nishijin no itoya, the customer shall be solely responsible, and no refund will be provided to the customer.


About Us

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Address Kamigamo Sakurai-cyo 22-1 Kyoto-city Kita-ku Kyoto 603-8054 Japan
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